"Payments to Volunteers being released. Payment for 1037 Volunteers deposited in Bank on 29 Feb."

12th South Asian Games 2016

OCSAG Volunteers acted as the face of South Asian Games 2016. They represented the culture, tradition and hospitality of The North East India to the World. The Volunteers played a critical role in the successful conduct of the Games.

As the success of the games depended largely on Volunteers, it was imperative to train them; to make them understand their value to the games as well as to have uniform knowledge, skill and attitude of India’s rich hospitality and also to make them aware about game’s plan, execution inputs; sensitize them about the zealot welcoming and motivate them to make SAG, 2016 a grand success.

Though the general training and motivation started right from beginning of their registration but when the count-down began started ; so as specific training of the volunteers took off from 6-1-2016 to make them part of the legacy of the games. Volunteers had to prove to be at the top of South Asian Games, which meant attending all training sessions, work all their shifts, keep their energy up and smile even when fatigued.

Knowledge Partner -
The Royal Group Of Institution, Guwahati

Training Venue -
The Royal Group Of Institution, Guwahati.

Volunteers Training Schedule

Sr. No. Functional Areas (FA) Guwahati General Training Training Schedule Role Specific Training
Venue in RGI
11:00am - 12:30 pm
Guwahati Venue in RGI
1:30 - 2:30 pm
1 Accreditation 150 Royal Auditorium 11.1.2016 Mon Conference Room, 5th Floor
2 Ceremonies 100 Royal Auditorium 11.1.2016 Mon Board Room, 5th Floor
3 Medical & dope 56 Royal Auditorium 11.1.2016 Mon Seminar Room, 1st Floor
4 Volunteers -- Royal Auditorium 11.1.2016 Mon Royal Auditorium
5 Transport 100 Royal Auditorium 12.1.2016 Tues Board Room, 5th Floor
6 VDO 375 Royal Auditorium 12.1.2016 Tues Royal Auditorium, 5th Floor
7 Logistics 30 Royal Auditorium 12.1.2016 Tues Class Room, 1st Floor
8 Accommodation 100 Royal Auditorium 12.1.2016 Tues Conference Room, 5th Floor
9 Administration 10 Royal Auditorium 12.1.2016 Tues Class Room, 1st Floor
10 Volunteers 33 Royal Auditorium 13.1.2016 Wed Board Room, 5th Floor
11 Sports 576 Royal Auditorium 13.1.2016 Wed Royal Auditorium, 5th Floor
12 Technology 50 Royal Auditorium 13.1.2016 Wed Conference Room, 5th Floor
13 Coordination 300 Royal Auditorium 20.1.2016 Wed Royal Auditorium, 5th Floor
14 Communication 122 Royal Auditorium 20.1.2016 Wed Conference Room
15 Volunteers -- Royal Auditorium 20.1.2016 Wed Royal Auditorium
TOTAL 2002